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Not this year…this LIFE.

Not this year…this LIFE.

Life has no remotes, so wake up and change it” ~ Sushil Singh

images-1I found this quote while searching for inspiration to resurrect this blog.

Imagine a giant Life remote control. Pause. Play. Fast Forward. Rewind… hmm…rewind.”If i could turn back time..” (Cher singing in background) Wouldn’t it be great to say, “hey i didn’t like the way that worked out, lets start over.” Rewind.

New Years Eve comes filled with that hope. Filled with dreams of doing things differently, or more, or better. It comes with this delusion that at 11:59:59 you can wipe away all that you have done, all your bad habits and start over. You wake up on January 1st, a new person, a new life. But how do you make it last? How do you change your life?

How am I going to change MY life? this year.


Game face ON.

These are things i think about while driving to work, while running, and while writing this blog. I want to change. I want to evolve. I want new things and new experiences and new friends. (I do still love my old ones) I don’t want to change my life, i want to enhance my life. I want to add to my life. Not that i am missing anything. I just want more life.

I’m setting specific goals this year. Goals for MY life. Im putting them in writing. I’m putting them here. Some are physical, some are for my health, some are for my home, and some are for my mental well being.

  1. Six marathons in 2017. 1 will be a PR. 5 will be for fun.
  2. Join CREW! Yes, iv’e wanted to row a boat forever. Now is my forever.
  3. Mt. Rushmore. Seriously..i still have not made it there.
  4. Complete an Ultra
  5. Save money. Stop self soothing with shopping.
  6. Drop the sugar. Be aware of my intakes and cut back.
  7. Be aware of others emotions. Recognize projection and prevent your reaction.
  8. Create a compassionate dementia program at work. Educate.
  9. Breath, stay calm, apply the 24 hour rule and believe in myself.
  10. Live a Life.


Now, i’ve put it into the universe. Now i need to find the faith in myself to reach these 10 goals. I realize they may not all happen immediately. They will evolve and progress and maybe change slightly. But i’m setting the path. I’m saying it out loud.

Today. These are the goals for my Life.

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can still instill in us” – Hal Borland


Happy 2017.




ImageWe ALL ring in the New Year with hope, promise, and resolutions to ourselves. We take on the pressures of commitment today that we will continue to carry on our shoulders all year. We share it on facebook, we tell our friends, we write it on a post-it and stick it on our bathroom mirrors. On this day, New Years Day, we believe its a new beginning, a new day, a new approach to our old selves. Our health, our diets, our exercise level, our stress level are all suddenly under scrutiny and are going to have to change. This Is It.

And yet, according to, only 75% of people will keep their resolution the first week, and only 46% will carry it out for 6 months!

What is the #1 resolution?” Lose weight”.

 What is my favorite? #4, “Enjoy Life To The Fullest”. Well…who wouldn’t want to keep that resolution?

So, why do we fail???  Schedules, work, family, health, stress. These factors are constant obstacles, to trip us up, and an unfortunate reminder, that life is not perfect. Its is an always-changing, revolving, motion of events, cause and effect, that will change us forever…daily. Think about that. The decision you make now, will change your life. This Is It.


My Little Sunshine

The decision could be anything from what you eat for breakfast, to how late you stay up. It could be the thing you say to your husband before you hang up the phone, the advice you give your friend when she needs it most, or the last quiet little words you whisper to your child before you kiss her good night. You are changing your health, your path, your husband’s day,  your friend’s emotions, your child’s memories. This Is It.

I am resolving 2014 to #4. “Live life to the Fullest”. I resolve to try new things, new goals, new, challenges. I resolve to share my experiences, my joy, my adventures with anyone who wants to come along for the ride. I resolve to dance (more), run (more), be more. I resolve to not take anything too seriously and most importantly I resolve to laugh at myself, (and laugh at you too). I resolve to learn how to do at least one thing that scares the crap  out of me. I resolve to bake a stupid Lemon Meringue pie once and for all! I resolve to have fun, love more and live lightly. Image

Today, January 1, 2014 we are in a new moon phase. While unable to see the crescent moon by naked eye. She appeared in all her glowing beauty. The “new  moon phase” has not appeared on January 1, New Years Day, in 19 years. 19 YEARS! This is a gift, this a sign. some magical, mystical, unexplainable lunar phase calendar is our universe telling us that this is a year of amazing possibilities. This Is It. 

With all this supercharged and super strong energy around us, there is no hiding. We are definitely kicking off a time of change, not only on this day, but also for the entire year. Make your resolutions. Make your decisions. Be the change.

This is going to be a great year.Image This will be a year that you will see me be me. This Is It.

 Keeping my dreams, making them happen.Image

Run Jersey Strong! ……and Happy New Year!

Cindy xoxo


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