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Work’n-in a Work-out

Work’n-in a Work-out

As the new year has thrown a new family schedule at me, the winter has thrown in its own obscure schedule.


Why work out when you can do this instead?

Snow days, half days, delayed days, single digit temps, icy roads, and even gym closures are a daily challenge. Let’s toss in, sleeping in late, staying up late, working out late and then the unthinkable, late night snacking!

How does a girl work in a work out?

In the last month, I’ve developed a few strategies and I’ve been able to work in a few work outs that i might otherwise have missed. I feel so good about this, i cant help but share. So, hate on me now. I probably have some deep addictive personality, but I like to work out. A missed work out is a missed opportunity to be better. Even if it sucks, even if i don’t have much time, even if i’m wearing my works socks and run on the treadmill blind because I don’t have my contacts. A work out is a work out. The effort, the time, the dedication is there. Now, go pat yourself on the back for that sad plank you did today….you did a plank!

1. Pack an emergency bag– Yep, just like the night before you had your baby, or brought home a puppy….pack a bag. Not too much, just necessity. Sports bra, gotchies (my grammy’s name for your undies), tank, shorts, socks, sneakers. They can be the sneakers you planned on retiring, i mean really? they are an “emergency bag” , this is it. This is the back up plan. Deodorant, body spray, brush, and Kenra. ( Ill get back to that). $2.00 for bottled water and a granola/healthy type bar. Keep this bag in your car, front seat, so you know its there, so it’s staring you in the face. So, next time you get in your car, and you have an hour or so to spare, it’s there! That moment when you cant find a parking spot in Shop Rite and you turn to go home?? This is your moment. Bust her out!

2. Make a planDon’t go into any work out without a game plan, if its the gym, decide ahead of time..cardio? weights? and stick to it. If your home, don’t get distracted, set the timer, 15-20 or 30 minutes…Decide. Plan. Execute.

Minimal time means minimal exercises, so I follow this as a guide.  I break it down 2 categories- (A). Exercises I love..(bi, tri, delt for me)  (B). Exercises i hate (abs, abs, abs,) Set a goal. Atttack A or attack B. But ATTACK. 15-20 or 30 minutes. done. Then next time attack the other and so on. You could also very easily use this as a start up strategy if you are getting back on the exercise mat.

3. Be open minded– again, you are just work’n in a work out, your time is limited. Maybe devote it to something new, the stepper, the lateral pull down, the assisted pull up, even the row machine. It might even be less intimidating to approach knowing its for only 15 minutes. I’m not sure how long i could row, but 15 minutes is definitely more appealing than 30…so maybe this is my next back up plan.

Less time can also mean you need to move faster? IMG_1562Maybe try to P.R. your treadmill 5k. For Fun? I’m up against this one now. Its killing me to break it. And it does freak out the people next to me as i’m pounding out 3 miles and gasping like a drowning animal. Oh well, Its about me. Not them.

4. Don’t dis a workout or yourself– YES zumba counts, shoveling counts, walking in the mall counts, keep moving and give yourself credit for every effort. Its about you. YOU time. YOU workn in a workout.

Now, back to KIMG_1569enra Blow Drying spray- best product ever for busy girls. I use this when my hair is wet, it smells amazing, clean, leaves my hair shiny and cuts drying time in half, so i don’t always have to look like I just hopped out of the shower. Love. Love. Love. it. I just had to share.IMG_1568

Whatever you decide, wherever your day may take you, I hope my tips help you out.

Its a new year, a new you, a new way to think. GO ahead and go for it!

Run Jersey Strong,



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