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Work’n-in a Work-out

Work’n-in a Work-out

As the new year has thrown a new family schedule at me, the winter has thrown in its own obscure schedule.


Why work out when you can do this instead?

Snow days, half days, delayed days, single digit temps, icy roads, and even gym closures are a daily challenge. Let’s toss in, sleeping in late, staying up late, working out late and then the unthinkable, late night snacking!

How does a girl work in a work out?

In the last month, I’ve developed a few strategies and I’ve been able to work in a few work outs that i might otherwise have missed. I feel so good about this, i cant help but share. So, hate on me now. I probably have some deep addictive personality, but I like to work out. A missed work out is a missed opportunity to be better. Even if it sucks, even if i don’t have much time, even if i’m wearing my works socks and run on the treadmill blind because I don’t have my contacts. A work out is a work out. The effort, the time, the dedication is there. Now, go pat yourself on the back for that sad plank you did today….you did a plank!

1. Pack an emergency bag– Yep, just like the night before you had your baby, or brought home a puppy….pack a bag. Not too much, just necessity. Sports bra, gotchies (my grammy’s name for your undies), tank, shorts, socks, sneakers. They can be the sneakers you planned on retiring, i mean really? they are an “emergency bag” , this is it. This is the back up plan. Deodorant, body spray, brush, and Kenra. ( Ill get back to that). $2.00 for bottled water and a granola/healthy type bar. Keep this bag in your car, front seat, so you know its there, so it’s staring you in the face. So, next time you get in your car, and you have an hour or so to spare, it’s there! That moment when you cant find a parking spot in Shop Rite and you turn to go home?? This is your moment. Bust her out!

2. Make a planDon’t go into any work out without a game plan, if its the gym, decide ahead of time..cardio? weights? and stick to it. If your home, don’t get distracted, set the timer, 15-20 or 30 minutes…Decide. Plan. Execute.

Minimal time means minimal exercises, so I follow this as a guide.  I break it down 2 categories- (A). Exercises I love..(bi, tri, delt for me)  (B). Exercises i hate (abs, abs, abs,) Set a goal. Atttack A or attack B. But ATTACK. 15-20 or 30 minutes. done. Then next time attack the other and so on. You could also very easily use this as a start up strategy if you are getting back on the exercise mat.

3. Be open minded– again, you are just work’n in a work out, your time is limited. Maybe devote it to something new, the stepper, the lateral pull down, the assisted pull up, even the row machine. It might even be less intimidating to approach knowing its for only 15 minutes. I’m not sure how long i could row, but 15 minutes is definitely more appealing than 30…so maybe this is my next back up plan.

Less time can also mean you need to move faster? IMG_1562Maybe try to P.R. your treadmill 5k. For Fun? I’m up against this one now. Its killing me to break it. And it does freak out the people next to me as i’m pounding out 3 miles and gasping like a drowning animal. Oh well, Its about me. Not them.

4. Don’t dis a workout or yourself– YES zumba counts, shoveling counts, walking in the mall counts, keep moving and give yourself credit for every effort. Its about you. YOU time. YOU workn in a workout.

Now, back to KIMG_1569enra Blow Drying spray- best product ever for busy girls. I use this when my hair is wet, it smells amazing, clean, leaves my hair shiny and cuts drying time in half, so i don’t always have to look like I just hopped out of the shower. Love. Love. Love. it. I just had to share.IMG_1568

Whatever you decide, wherever your day may take you, I hope my tips help you out.

Its a new year, a new you, a new way to think. GO ahead and go for it!

Run Jersey Strong,




Are You a Creature of Habit?


My road. Start and finish.

Same run, different day.

I live in a pretty large development in my town. Lots of cross streets, parallel long roads, hills, and plenty of houses. I run mostly in the dark. 4:30 in the a.m. kind of dark. I run when everyone in my house is asleep. I run when everyone in the neighborhood is asleep. I also run with a large group of 4:30 in the a.m, in the dark, when we should ALL be asleep.

What started as the only way to get a run in, turned into half marathon training, and than full marathon training. It made 4:30 in the a.m. a necessity, a habit, and (i have to admit), fun.

All good things must come to an end, and my 4:30 runs are over. The new year has brought a new schedule in my household and has thrown my running habit to a bittersweet end.

Its been a few weeks now, and i have found not only was i REALLY comfortable in my routine, but i became a creature of habit. It had been months since i even attempted to change up a workout, try anything, new, or even started a run…in daylight. I had become satisfied with my schedule, easy, set, and reliable.


Out with the old, In with the new.

So, are you like me? Are you a creature of habit? Does your calendar have the same workouts penciled in like mine. Does your  Runkeeper read off the same days, the same runs, for months on end? Can you fill in the blank like this…”Tuesday is my _____ day” and everyone you know inserts the word RUN?

I will be the first to admit. When i learned of my new schedule, i was scared, i think i may have even cried. I became so dependent on my training “routine”, i couldn’t even think about changing. I couldn’t imagine running without my 4:30 am group. I could not imagine not seeing them and being a part of their lives weekly.

But something else happened. I stepped out of the comfort zone, i boo hoo’d away my creature of habit.

You know what? Its not so bad. And while this entire blog may seem a little dramatic… i mean really…who cries over missing a 4:30 run? Well, now you know.

But since my new schedule has begun, i have tried so many other things. Things i was missing because I was “ok” with my routine. I have Imagetried (indoor)”performance cycling”, with a bunch of Ironman’ers, (now, that’s intimidating), i have tried fitness yoga, gone back to Body Pump, and just found a new love, Body Combat. I have ridden miles and miles on the stationary bike at the gym. I have had to run on the treadmill, in the heat of the gym, with sweaty smelly people next to me. (wait…that wasn’t fun, but you get it?) I even put away 7 miles on the treadmill in the gym’s “dungeon”.

I have seen people i haven’t seen in a while, worked out with old friends, and ran with some new ones. I have been able to stay up late, have a glass of wine, and NOT have to get up at 4am to run!

I’m doing o.k. I’m doing great. So, with a new year, a new you, I encourage you to try something, new, something fun, something outside of your habit.

Scare off your creature!

Run Jersey Strong,


First Snowy Run 2014 (and a Yaktrax review)

I have to admit. I am a running gear geek. We had a little flurry a few weeks ago and as the weather man was Imagereporting a season of wintry storms and accumulations of snow, I was already on searching winter running treads. Really, who else can you trust for outdoor gear than the folks at REI? They carry it all, and they have an awesome return policy.

Unfortunately, I was not the only one with this idea and the Yaktrax Run was sold out, and on back order! I read the guide on the Yaktrax Walk and decided this would be my best option, if i wanted to run outside anytime soon. So, i purchased them for $19.95 plus free shipping (and don’t forget the awesome return policy) My thoughts were, if they didn’t work i would return them. No biggy!

January 3- First official snowstorm 2014! woot woot! 16 degrees. I couldn’t get out for a run until 5pm. The roads were plowed but sketchy. Icy in some spots, packed snow in others, and occasionally a dry spot. I decided to wear my Brooks Pure Flow 2. I met my 2 runner girlfriends, strapped on the Yaktrax and we hit the pavement. Only i didnt hit the pavement at all. I was able to gain really good traction on the roads surface. I was able to hit the snow covered parts of the road and allow my friends to take the dry part. (since they don’t have Yaktrax…yet.) We took on a 5 mile run, our regular route, so we are pretty familiar with which roads collect more water. Although it didn’t stop me from slamming into a freezing cold puddle. OY! BRRRRRRR! I didn’t mean the time my brain figured out where my body was going there was no chance to stop it. No worries. It was near the end of the run.

Once in a while, the Yaktrax did fill with slush between coils. It may have actually helped with traction. Either way, it didn’t hurt my run, every once in a while i tapped it out by


Newton Gravity (L) Brooks Pure Flow 2 (R) They fit better in the Brooks sole.

dragging on the pavement. I was concerned that the Walk version did not have the extra strap that the Run version had and was worried they would pop off. We ran about an 11 minute pace and they never budged! The straps fit into the groove of my Brooks Pure Flow sole nicely.

January 4- day 2 of our storm. 32 degrees. I decided to switch out shoes today and put the Yaktrax on my Newton Gravity’s. As soon as i put them on the fit was off. They didn’t sit as nicely to the sole. I felt like the coils moved around. The pavement now was dry mostly, or was thick with slush. The coils felt really awkward on pavement, so i kept running through the snowy slush, and this was making my feet wet. I decided it was best to head home and take them off.

Overall, I am completely thrilled with my Yaktrax purchase. They allowed me to go out and run with confidence that i would have safe footing. They didn’t slide, they were easy to put on and take off. I don’t need the Run version because these stayed on securely. I am looking forward to many more runs in them. They are now a staple accessory in my winter running vault.

(With that said, another favorite item….Bondi Bands hat with pony holder. Super stinking cute! Makes me feel “girly”, even when i’m bundled in layers!)


Bondi Band hat with pony tail ❤ super girly cute!

Don’t let the snow stop you. Grab some Yaktrax. Get out there. I witnessed a beautiful snowy sunset tonight. Jersey style. That’s why we live here, right?

Run Jersey Strong,

Cindy xoxo



ImageWe ALL ring in the New Year with hope, promise, and resolutions to ourselves. We take on the pressures of commitment today that we will continue to carry on our shoulders all year. We share it on facebook, we tell our friends, we write it on a post-it and stick it on our bathroom mirrors. On this day, New Years Day, we believe its a new beginning, a new day, a new approach to our old selves. Our health, our diets, our exercise level, our stress level are all suddenly under scrutiny and are going to have to change. This Is It.

And yet, according to, only 75% of people will keep their resolution the first week, and only 46% will carry it out for 6 months!

What is the #1 resolution?” Lose weight”.

 What is my favorite? #4, “Enjoy Life To The Fullest”. Well…who wouldn’t want to keep that resolution?

So, why do we fail???  Schedules, work, family, health, stress. These factors are constant obstacles, to trip us up, and an unfortunate reminder, that life is not perfect. Its is an always-changing, revolving, motion of events, cause and effect, that will change us forever…daily. Think about that. The decision you make now, will change your life. This Is It.


My Little Sunshine

The decision could be anything from what you eat for breakfast, to how late you stay up. It could be the thing you say to your husband before you hang up the phone, the advice you give your friend when she needs it most, or the last quiet little words you whisper to your child before you kiss her good night. You are changing your health, your path, your husband’s day,  your friend’s emotions, your child’s memories. This Is It.

I am resolving 2014 to #4. “Live life to the Fullest”. I resolve to try new things, new goals, new, challenges. I resolve to share my experiences, my joy, my adventures with anyone who wants to come along for the ride. I resolve to dance (more), run (more), be more. I resolve to not take anything too seriously and most importantly I resolve to laugh at myself, (and laugh at you too). I resolve to learn how to do at least one thing that scares the crap  out of me. I resolve to bake a stupid Lemon Meringue pie once and for all! I resolve to have fun, love more and live lightly. Image

Today, January 1, 2014 we are in a new moon phase. While unable to see the crescent moon by naked eye. She appeared in all her glowing beauty. The “new  moon phase” has not appeared on January 1, New Years Day, in 19 years. 19 YEARS! This is a gift, this a sign. some magical, mystical, unexplainable lunar phase calendar is our universe telling us that this is a year of amazing possibilities. This Is It. 

With all this supercharged and super strong energy around us, there is no hiding. We are definitely kicking off a time of change, not only on this day, but also for the entire year. Make your resolutions. Make your decisions. Be the change.

This is going to be a great year.Image This will be a year that you will see me be me. This Is It.

 Keeping my dreams, making them happen.Image

Run Jersey Strong! ……and Happy New Year!

Cindy xoxo


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