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90 Days ’til Marine Corps Marathon


Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus. I haven’t been able to get serious about any one blog. Really serious. To sit down, think it out, share it, and reflect on what i put out in the world. Much like my training. Funny how life events, spill over into training events. When its good, its good, and when its not, its distracting.

Ive luckily been maintaining my 30-35 weekly mileage. 3 runs, all about equal and im hitting the point in my training where i need to drop one long run down to push one up in mileage. My runs have felt so good i haven’t wanted to stop. This is where my discipline for recovery must take over. Recovery trumps all. 


My gift from Christine

As I look over the remainder of my training plan, I realize I must run 298 miles over the next 90 days before I even line up at the starting line of the historic Marine Corps Marathon. Phew. There. I put it out in the universe. Its said. Now lets get it done.


Christin and I. Finish line Philly Marathon.

This will be my second Marathon. Last November, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon with my girlfriend, Christine Candoleon. This year, we are running MCM together.The only problem is she is doing her training overseas. God Bless our soldiers. Her training in desert heat, kinda makes me feel wimpy complaining about New Jersey humidity. “Its not the heat…its the humidity”. We promise to Skype after our long runs and keep updating through Facebook. There are 6 members from Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club running MCM, Maggie, Jen, Michelle, Danielle, Christine, and myself. Each of us has a slightly different training plan, different time goals, different expectations. Go SOL Sisters! Way to represent!

Recently, I was listening to a Jillian Michaels podcast. She was discussing goals and designing your paths to reach them. She made a statement that really changed my thinking. She said, ” You have to love the journey”.

Love. The Journey. wow. Can I? Do I? Did I always? Will I always? What will happen if I suddenly…don’t.

As the president of an all women’s running club, with over 90 members, i get to hear all sorts of complaints. Its too hot, too cold, too early, too late, too muggy, too buggy, to long, too fast, too tired, too hungry, and lately too batty. haha. BUT I know these women love to run. They are in a running club. They love their journeys.

So why do we complain? Is it a badge of honor to say I ran in 99% humidity, without eating, faster than i ever have before, on a hill, forever….? Or is it a statement proving you love the journey or else you would never run in 99% humidity, without eating, faster, climbing, forever…?

I love my journey. I always have. I am a late bloomer with running (running for 2 1/2 years) and as I set each goal I put my whole heart into it. My journey is not just the run. The run is the reward. The journey is the work.


Found on a bathroom wall in Kauai

I feel like this…at this point in my life, (40’s) I am in better shape then my 20’s, my perspectives on life and who i am are all in place. I have nothing left to do but shine. I will not fail at something unless i try. I can not prove that i can accomplish what I don’t start. I can not allow a fear, a doubt, a weakness to break through my shine. So, with that i continue my journey.

I run. I calculate. I journal my food, my fuel, my work outs. I am now my body’s personal scientific researcher. I will find what works and what will not. I love this. I love learning about potassium, lactates, glycemic levels. I love it. My journey.

My training runs will get slower. Giving up speed for endurance. I will get to enjoy the views, the music, my running partners. I will give up alcohol (to not dehydrate), but  I may eat some bad foods, and it’s OK. Some runs will be awful and cut short and some runs will feel great and ill run longer, and it’s OK. I stop training like a race machine, and start training like a long distance contender. I know what it will take mentally to endure over 4 hours of running. I’m ready to put my body, mind, and soul through it’s second marathon. I’m excited, giddy, and elated. I can not wait to be a part of a true test of human strength. My journey.

90 days until Marine Corps Marathon…and i’m already considering my next marathon.

My journey.

Run Jersey Strong,




About she runs jersey strong

Mother, wife, runner. Club president of Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club. Race Director/Event planner Shamrocks For Sandy Run.

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  1. Great entry, Cindy!!! You will shine…I just know it 🙂 ❤

  2. Great entry, Cindy!!! You will shine…I know it! 🙂


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