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March-Out Like a Lion(?)

I began March with a completely new approach to my health and fitness. I took on I ❤ To Run, “Run Every Day Challenge” to run at least 1 mile every day and I survived. It’s ironic that the last day of the challenge would land on Easter Sunday. It’s the last day that it is weighing on the balancing scale of “family” time vs “me” time. I wasn’t sure how I was going to run today, until Bigpoppa actually suggested it. “Why don’t you go for a run?” he says. “Yes, why don’t I ?” and that is how 20 years of coupling works. Because, tomorrow, on April Fools Day, marks the 20 year anniversary of our first date. Awe.

ImageI have discovered  that the Run Every Day Challenge is really more about finding the time for yourself than being able to run a mile. It just took me 31 days to gain that perspective. Kudos, I ❤ to Run peeps for teaching me a little more about myself than i knew. The time was always there, i just had to claim it as mine. Kids activities, work, cleaning, house stuff, had taken away the “me.” The lion had to take it back.


Me and my trainer, Laura Roman, @seaofwellness

March, I grew, as promised, I met and surpassed my push-up goal, I completed a 15 miler without thinking about it, AND even got in some nasty hills and intervals in my training runs. I am back to 5am Bootcamp, spin, and weight training with a regimen. My trainer knows my goals and has increased them as I met them. I’ve learned that if you ask for help in your training, routine, supplement, diet, that there are alot of people who will help and follow through with you. You can’t do it alone. I am blessed to have met amazing smart women in the health and fitness fields, and though not every tip will work for me, I get to pick their brains and take away my own decisions.

March, my food journal was all the feedback I needed to clean up the loose ends and the sabotages in my diet. I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling like they are slumping on the food aspects. It only  took a week of journaling and some wiser shopping choices for me to see where the calories were, and why I wasn’t able to make any changes. But you have to be strict in what you journal! I seriously, caught myself not picking at work because I DID NOT want to have to write it in my journal. You need to be honest with yourself. MImagey snacking staples have changed, I am now in constant supply of carrot sticks, celery sticks, cheese and nuts. Ive embraced the world of hummus and what seems like a million new flavors. (Thank you, Sabra) I switched from apples with peanut butter to PB2, and I am back to protein drink before i go to bed, which i believe to have partially helped my insomnia.

March, the Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club has competed it’s first organized run. The Shamrocks For Sandy 5k/10k Run and 1 Mile Kids Run was a tremendous success. The details of the event will be in my next blog, i feel it deserves a blog all its own, as well as the amazing women that put it together. I actually tear up each time i try to compose it, because my heart is so over filled with joy and pride for my friends and all that we have created.

I have 5 races coming up n the next 54 days. Each one holds its own importance and priority to me, and each one I will approach in my own way, whether it be a 5k, a relay (with my amazing, beautiful friend, Jen) or a half, I am planning on some great times, and lots of perma-smiles. April begins with I ❤ to Run‘s 1-3-5 Challenge, and my club has a push up challenge going on the side. I have lots of work left to do, but am confident that March  has set me on a successful path. I am ready to “BRING IT” every, run, every work-out, every race, every day.

 I am the LION. I feel like the lamb i left behind in February was the planner, the LION is the executer. I am strong.

 Happy Easter!

Run Jersey Strong,




About she runs jersey strong

Mother, wife, runner. Club president of Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club. Race Director/Event planner Shamrocks For Sandy Run.

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