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Shamrocks 4 Sandy Race Day Countdown

ImageLucky 7. Luck of the Irish. Lucky Charms. Lady Luck.

Seven days left until the “Shamrocks For Sandy 5k/10k Run and the 1 Mile Kids Leprachaun Chase”. The community is talking about it, the word is out, this will possibly be the largest, funnest, greenest running event our town has ever seen! The Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club has done a fabulous job organizing this race and has had a lot of fun doing it. We ended registration at noon today with 609 participants! The irony is uncanny that 609 is our area code. This must mean good things are to come.

As the date is getting closer, I am finding more things that need to be done, and I am finding more help than ever from my club. This week the bags will be stuffed, shirts ordered, registrations organized, vendors placed, signs out, and daily social media flashes! (I call flashes, those moments when i post and everyone “likes”. We plan these out so we can flood facebook at once with our status. It works. It just takes timing and alot of participants.) I can not even begin to thank everyone who has helped create this event. The club, the sponsors, the vendors, the registrants all have joined in making it a success.

The Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club has worked tirelessly on the plan and the execution. When I first had the idea for this race,  I sent a text to my to officers, Tara Leary (VP), and Dawn Centanni, (Secretary)  and they ran with it. (Literally!)  The first club meeting we had about our run was full of ideas and suggestions of how we wanted a race to be. Our specifics about being “green”, our specifics about helping 2 local charities, and our specifics about its distance and location were things we would not sacrifice to do this the way we wanted. I hope it works, and i hope everyone has an amazing time. This is our first organized race as a club, we are open to all suggestions, and ideas for the next one. Please be kind about your observations, we have put our hearts into this to make it great!

Barnegat Bay Beach 3/10 taken by our runners on a group run.

Barnegat Bay Beach 3/10 taken by our runners on a group run.

Storms in or area last week flooded beach and bay areas, hindering the clean up works of ALO this weekend, and flooding area businesses and homes..again.

I am finding more and more people feeling defeated after each storm and tide swell. I watch other area towns receive so much media attention and I watch our beautiful LBI get very little. It’s hard to be able to grasp your head around the effects this will have on our economy and summer as so many others may flock to other areas for their vacations instead of ours. I have hopes our small businesses will persevere, and our families will be well. With all of our help, we can recover and prove LBI is ALIVE!

Now, instead of leaving you with thoughts of desperation and despair, I want to TRY and be a small source of positive for you. Stay with me. Remember my education here. I’m a Physical- Therapist Asst, by license not a Psycho-Therapist.

On Sunday, we will have over 600 runners, kids included. We have the opportunity to change the course in 600 people’s lives! Participation in this event shows that you want a change, that you want your beach, you want your homes, you want your businesses back. 600 people will stand together in one small parking lot and prove to other communities that, “Hey! If no one is going to do this for us..we will do for ourselves!” Image

This is our time for a little “Community Outreach”. MEET  the women from Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club, MEET the volunteers from ALO,  MEET the Dunkin Donuts staff that came a long way to support, MEET the vendors, MEET your fellow runners, MEET Cole Johansen and his family and come MEET ME!. 🙂 This is our community, find a way to help, make a connection with someone. There will be 600 runners on race day. Leave with one new friend.

Grab your tutus, your water bottles, your cheer signs, your friends. Come show them how strong Southern Ocean County is!

“Something Positive, Starts Here” and now I put it in your hands to keep it going.

Run Jersey Strong,



About she runs jersey strong

Mother, wife, runner. Club president of Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club. Race Director/Event planner Shamrocks For Sandy Run.

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