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My Munchie Makeover

March. My overhaul month.

I vowed to participate in the Run Every Day Challenge, and i decided  it would be a good time to reevaluate the things that may still need changing or tweaking in my training. Spring is the time for new beginnings, filled with possibilities. So, why not try to break some habits too.

I am a confessed nacho addict. I enjoy baked tostitos, salsa, cheese, with a glass of wine. This is my “go to” snack. I have these 3 ingredients in my cabinets at ALL times, and if one is missing, trust me, Im calling Bigpoppa to bring one of the above home. I need to quit nachos. Between the carbs, and sodium, I am undoing my doing. AND i need to change my attitude toward my snack choices.

“Do Not Reward Yourself With Food, You Are Not A Dog”-One of my favorite Jillian quotes, i should have it tattooed somewhere as a reminder. I work so hard on my training, and then i blow it. I call it sitcom sabotage. I sit, watch tv, and eat. Sometimes I justify that I worked out, sometimes I bargain with myself that my snack options could be worse, sometimes it is just really really yummy. But now Im up for a challenge, Im ready for change. I vow i will no longer troll the cabinets for snacks, just because its “time”. I will find good snacks to eat!

I decided to ask my club members, (SOL Running Club), for some advice. The answers I got were confusing! Ice cream, vs yogurt, cheeses, vs peanut butter. No carbs, litte carbs, no fat, just the “right” fat.It seems everyone was confused or challenged with the same issue. So, i hit up the store and scanned the shelves for some options.

I came across this Greek Yogurt Dip, low in calories, low in fat, and a little protein..hmmm. I decided on ImageCucumber Dill for a little tangy taste. Then, i scored Sabra Spicy Hummus. This may be my godsend , because i crave spicy heat!

I picked up this little trick somewhere. I cut my celery thin and half my baby carrots, they  last longer, it appears that there is more on my plate and my brain is fooled and i don’t want more.

I am happy to say, both snacks were completely satisfying and i was not left feeling guilty about the things I ate. I was able to squeeze in another serving of veggies at the end of the day and i actually enjoyed it. The spicy is VERY spicy, just a heads up. I LOVED it! Im excited for snacks again!

Since Im on a roll with the munchie makeover, I decided to makeover up my lunch also. Usually, I enjoy a cup of soup when im home, or fruit with yogurt while Im working. Well, check this out…Portabella Stackers! Super easy! and Super Yum! I grilled portabella mushrooms and red onion on a grill pan, topped it with tomato, avocado, and a thin slice of cheese, with a hard boiled egg on the side. Heaven. Image

This month is all about making a change for me. Making a change for “me”. Time to step up to challenges, time to reduce the waste. Stop throwing away progress with calorie intake, start arming myself with better options. I am ready to meet these goals and surpass them!

Remember my last post? I announced my 20 push up goal (on toes)…today, i DID IT with my trainer, Laura, at the gym. There to witness, was my runner girl friend, Serena, yelling my name and cheering me on while she was running on the treadmill. We caused a quite a scene. Classic. Thank you Serena babes! I LOVE my running club. Next goal 25!

Run Jersey Strong,




About she runs jersey strong

Mother, wife, runner. Club president of Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club. Race Director/Event planner Shamrocks For Sandy Run.

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  1. I like your Munchie makeover and your challenge for March. You are extremely inspiring and motivating and more importantly “real”. Continue blogging and sharing all of those intricate details because that is what we love and that is what we relate too!!!


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