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“March-Run Every Day Challenge”

March. “In Like a Lion out like a Lamb.”

It’s freezing in New Jersey, and it admittedly takes alot of motivation to get outside for a run. I am a terrible treadmill runner. I do NOT own one, so for me to use one, I have to hit the gym and this is where it all goes wrong for me. It’s hot, I always have to pee, I have to cover my read out with a towel or I quit, my music can not drown out the panting guy next to me, I don’t like to smell other peoples perfume, and when I try to watch the tv with no sound, the spelling bee queen inside me picks out all the typos on the closed captions. Some are funny. Some, not so much. This is my own private hell. I can not get over 6 on the dreadmill. I never feel accomplished, I just feel like I did it because I HAVE to.


Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club Group Run- BRRRRR!

I am week 8 into a C25K group I am training and now I have even recruited some of my longer distance runner girls to meet me in the icy, bitter weather every Sunday 8am. Its cold. We freeze. But we love it. And everyone of them would rather be here than the treadmill. But then i am left the rest of the week figuring out how i will get my next run in freezing cold temps. Alone.


Dunkin Donuts + Shamrocks For Sandy = Great Race!

I am not officially “training” now. I ran the WDW Disney Half in January and have been busy planning the Shamrocks For Sandy 5k/10k that my running club is hosting. (Side Note- Dunkin Donuts is our Premier sponsor. Check out the totally cool awesomeness of our race posters on DD doors everywhere. Oh, and thats MY munchkin, pointing it out!) My next race is the Atlantic City April Fools Half, and i have 2 more Halves for Spring.

I have been feeling…random. My schedule is off, actually its not a schedule at all. Its “Random Acts of Working Out.” I regret not scheduling a spring full marathon and have awful “Marathon Envy” of my friends, Jen and Kim as I watch them increase their runs every week.  I miss it. I miss planning out training runs, I miss cross-training, and dare I say, I miss speedwork. Even when I puke.

Now, i have found, I ❤ to Run’s, “March-Run Every Day Challenge” and i am reborn. I am ready for the challenge. It helps that my running club, Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club,  has vowed to do it also. Today is Day 3, and I am already looking forward to planning out my week of running. The object is to just run a mile every day. You can do more, but you can’t do less. My plan is to take it one step further and begin a 30 day overhaul. The works. I am going to start a food journal and stick to my weight training schedule. If i can do it for 30 days, it will become a habit, it will change me significantly, AND it will give me something to work on. My personal trainer, Laura,  asked me to set a goal, to commit, to one thing, that I can achieve with her help. Push ups are my nemesis, so my goal is 20 push ups. I am at about 10 now.

March. “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb”

Hopefully for me, it will be the other way around.


I love my Newton Gravity’s

BTW, I have a reputation for having a “few” pairs of running shoes. So i think it is the best time to break in my New Newton Gravity’s.

Wish me luck in my 30 day challenge.

Run Jersey Strong,




About she runs jersey strong

Mother, wife, runner. Club president of Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club. Race Director/Event planner Shamrocks For Sandy Run.

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