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Something Positive. Starts Here.

IMG_0104I live 12 minutes driveway to beach sand. I don’t live on the beach or in a beach community. I live on the mainland in Southern Ocean County. My beach towns are up and down the coast of Long Beach Island.

These towns have been mile markers to me in my training. I know for a fact, Sunset Park, in Harvey Cedars to “Old Barney”, the Barnegat Lighthouse, out and back is 10 miles. I know that Old Barney running south to the fork in the road and back is 13 miles. (Unless you count the sweet bay side road in Barnegat light that my friend, Eileen ran me down. That little glimpse of breathtaking views will add a little more to your mileage.) I know 31st makes a nice turn down Ocean Blvd for miles, with a wide bike path, beautiful homes and smiling faces. You can hydrate around 63rd Bayview Park or beach side and stop to pee. (Before dusk.) I know you can run the length of Long Beach Island and it’s 18 miles. We even have a huge race every October, titled appropriately, the” 18-miler”. I personally have not run it. I cheered the crowds on this year, as it was close to my first marathon day. (Maybe you saw me, im taking the photo, thats my daughter under the umbrella)IMG_1200

My running club has group runs on Sundays in the summer at Sunset Park. We sneak off on weekdays and meet up for short runs and long runs. These roads are where my running partner, Dawn convinced me to run my first marathon, where Eileen and I talked about our daughters, where Valerie met me for a kind 5 mile “run along” while I was training and had to do 15, and where Kim’s husband drove us out to the furthest southern point and made us run 12 miles home when training for our half marathon, (we coined it our “navy seal mission”).  I’m the girl that smiles at all the runners on the road,  I nod at the cyclists, and envy the elite runners that pass me by. I love running on the island. These roads have felt my joys, and been through long thoughtful processes. I’ve hashed out alot of issues, that have always resolved, after a good run on the island.

59849_299465750157448_1105966219_nWhen Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy struck our area, we had members affected, families affected and businesses affected. We weren’t allowed to cross the bridge to the LBI area. Our roads looked like beaches, and our beaches were gone. It was obvious there were going to be alot of people that needed help for recovery, and recovery was going to be a long process. Our club hosted a recovery run, where we collected cleaning supplies for the “Stafford Bucket Brigade” and were able to help immediately, but we wanted to do more.

Race event planning was on our future agenda, we knew we had the resources, we knew how to run in races and we knew what we liked and disliked about races. Shamrocks for Sandy5k/10k Run and 1 Mile Leprachaun Chase is everything this club is. We are active, we are competitive, we are fun, we are families, we are environmentally kind and we are Jersey. This is the perfect event for us to host, and with the luck of the Irish holiday all these aspects are falling into place.

We have teamed up with Dunkin Donuts Brands for race day refreshments and goodies. They have been a generous and an amazing support for us, showing that they are a huge part of the shore communities and are eager to assist us on race promotion and swag.  We have signed a “Pledge of Sustainablity”, with Athletes For a Fit Planet to hold a green event, limiting paper registrations to race day only, banned water bottles, plastic bags and encouraged carpooling. We are collecting shoes for Soles for Souls. We have encouraged runners to dress up, wear green ,cheer loudly and have fun. Magic 100.1 will be entertaining the crowds and we have great teams for warm ups and cheer-leading.

We have chosen a great charity, “Alliance for a Living Ocean“, their work on LBI has been unmatchable since 1986. They hold weekly clean ups and are taking every effort to protect the environment. (Let me mention, that they are responsible for those hydration stations that runners/cyclists love.) Our 1 mile run is a “kids for kids” run. The kids running the race are raising money for a Stafford boy, Cole Johansen to assist with his medical bills.

I am having an amazing time planning this event with the club. The club members have put their hearts into every aspect of this run. This is a cause they believe in, and they have proven what can be accomplished when you  TRY. These women have outdone themselves on race day fun, and I am positive everyone who joins us will have a great time. We have 4 weeks left to complete what we hope to be the greenest, funnest, shammiest race around. Ill be sure to keep you posted on all the Shenanigans!

Let the countdown begin.  Go Green! Go Run. Have Fun!

Something Positive. Starts Here.               

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This is me.

This is my first 5k. June 2011.

If i look nervous, it’s because i was. I remember my husband taking the photo, I could barely smile. This photo shows me at my most vulnerable. I knew i would finish the race, but i didn’t know what it would be like to run with others. I didn’t know what it would be like to be timed. I didn’t know what it would be like to HAVE to run 3.1 miles. I wasn’t sure how i would do. But i was sure that i wanted to TRY.

Looking back at this day, i didn’t think i was a runner. I went to the gym, I ran around the neighborhood, but i never embraced the title, “runner”. I was never athletic in school, i  was never athletic in my life. I changed this day.

I finished. I was beaming. I was ready for the next race. Insert {perma-smile} I wanted more. I wanted to be “more”.

This is the LAST photo you will ever see me barely smiling. I now grin from ear to ear before, during and after races. In the last two years i have completed 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and many 5ks, 5 milers and 10k’s. I love to run. I love to talk about running. I love to read about running. I love running and thinking about my next run. I love everything it has done for me and brought to my life.

I am thankful for my running friends in the beginning who inspired me and motivated me to be more. I had dreams and goals and crazy ideas, and some great women to support me. Together we knew we could be something bigger. We could be something really good. And the ideas started flowing…

Lets get matching shirts? We did.

Let’s start a facebook page? We did.

Let’s form a club? We did.

Let’s join the RRCA? We did.

Let’s host our own race? We are. 3/17/2013 “Shamrocks For Sandy” -(ill save that for another blog)

I am now the President of Southern Ocean Ladies Running Club. We go by SOL or S.O.L. which gets the occasional giggle, but we are far from s.out.luck. We are 60 + women strong. We have became a fierce group of females. We are positive peer motivation at its best. We run together, we run alone, we meet up, we challenge each other, and pick each other up. I love this group of women. I love being a part of them. I love seeing what we have become and the accomplishments we have made. We are the only running club in Southern Ocean County and the only woman’s running club for miles.

Together we have set goals, and together we have met each one. We are changing the ideas of woman’s fitness in our community, we are changing the ratio of woman runners in races to our favor. These woman are empowering to me, and i am happy to lead them into our first year as an established club. I am not doing this alone.  I have them. And they have me.

My first blog is like my first 5k. I am vulnerable. This is me.  I don’t know what it will manifest into, or where it will lead. Please NEVER take me too seriously. I am not a professional athlete, doctor or therapist. I am just a woman who loves to run. (OK, so,  typing the warning not to take me “seriously” makes me laugh a little, but you should know where i’m coming from.) I am not perfect. I am sloppy at yoga, i skip weight training days, I have a love of nachos and wine, (red wine makes nachos spicier, try it, thank me later), i have terrible bouts of insomnia and i have an outrageous collection of running gear.

I have many goals this year, and i am going to blog my way through them. I’m hoping the blogging/running, community will embrace me and give my creativity an outlet. And some help along the way.

I do truly believe, “Every Accomplishment Begins With The Decision To Try”.

Run Jersey Strong,


P.S. This is the VP of my club, Tara. Same race as above 1 year later.

And, YES that is an age group placer medal around my neck. Insert {Perma-Smile}


“Every Accompli…

“Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decison To Try”

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